Green light!

Having explored ‘Dolphin Bay’, and finding the owners of the little green light boats, I talked with a family to see if I could go out with them fishing one evening. To my surprise they were delighted to show me the ropes, but did not understand why I only wanted to take photographs and not actually fish.

We met a dusk around 19:00, gathered the fishing rods and bait and waded out to the boats waiting just offshore. I could see at least 40-50 boats all lit up and already fishing by the time we had motored the two and a half miles to get out to the fishing ground.

It was a slow start and not a bite for an hour or two, then a few nibbles, a couple of big fish and some squid. But for the most part it was very quiet, waiting patiently for something to happen.

By 03:00, my hosts crew were thoroughly bored and by mutual consent, they asked the skipper to turn the boat around. We headed back towards shore.

Hopefully, my photography goes someway to sharing this uniquely green experience with you. I know I will never forget the night.


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