Hidden Temple

The last of my journey exploring hidden parts of Thailand took me a little further South this time, to a location only accessible by boat. I hiked up the side of the hollow mountain, which looked very much like an old volcano. Once on top, I had to climb down again into the depths of the mountain.

I had set off at 05:30 to get my boat trip over to the island and arrived at the foot of the mountain by 07:30. It was still cool and fresh and not too hot, the sunlight was beautiful shining over the mountain tops.

The climb was pretty much in shadow the whole way and once inside it was cool and damp. Then around 11:45 the sun started to shine into the huge open space with tree’s and howling monkeys in the trees. I could not initially see the temple and had to climb through an opening into the vast space that was the inner cauldron. Sitting on top of a mound of earth was this exquisite temple. I could see the rays of light shining coming over the edge. It was just a matter of waiting till the sun hit the roof of the temple.

I shot these images too, hopefully, capture the sense of space and light.


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