Squid fishing

Having worked hard for five days shooting polo & people in and around Hua Hin.

I took some time to go and explore a part of Thailand I’d heard was charming and about, but had not been too. It was a lovely area called Dolphin Bay and well known by the locals for the squid fishing. Every family fished every evening.

When I first arrived, I found it to be pretty deserted with just the odd boat resting on the shore. These boats were colourful, with recent Buddhist offerings, juxtaposed to a frame holding up a mains voltage fluorescent lighting setup with many bulbs.

Here are few of the images from the first day…

Photograph of a girls silhouette with her fishing rod bathed in the green light from the boat.

Photograph of a bored girl fishing for squid at sea in Thailand.

Photograph of a girls fishing catch that should have been a squid.

Photograph of the turmoil in the water catching a fish.

Photograph of a girl fishing for squid in thailand.

Photograph of a brother helping his sister with her fishing rod

Photograph of the green lighting on boat a thailand squid fishing boat.

Photograph of the lights coming off a squid fishing boat in Thailand.

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