California hills

Summer (2014) I was photographing a polo tournament near Petaluma at a ranch called Cerro Pampa in the hills of Northern California. My first visit to this region apart from going to LA and Malibu a few times, and I was blown away by the beauty of the landscape that surrounds this area.

The area has been suffering from an acute draught over the past three years, so by mid-summer the ground is parched and golden brown, the tree’s – mostly American Oaks, are a rich green. And very little else appears to grow on these hills. There are no scrub bushes or different vegetation, and so this leaves a very dramatic look.

San Francisco, and this area to the North have a very special climate during these months when it is hot, very hot, during the day. Then a fog rolls in almost every evening, cooling the air and leaving a thin layer of moisture on the surface of the vegetation.

I took note of several locations I came across that captured my attention and set about planning photographing them over several days. The shots below are a few of my favorites that capture the atmosphere of the area.

I have these on my walls, to remind me of this special place.

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