Cerro Pampa barn supper

A few photographs from a lovely evening supper spent with friends of Cerro Pampa Polo Club, hosted by Elizabeth, of Stick & Ball, in one of the barns on the ranch.

Everyone mucked in and helped with the preparation, the cooking and of course, the eating of the asado cooked steaks from Estancia beef, freshly made pasta, and red pepper sauces guided by Janet. The tables lit only by candle light and the burning embers of the asado the atmosphere was just right.

Friends came from across the valleys of Northern California and joined in the evening’s fun, and new friends made from the surrounding polo community. We all sat, ate, and drank (my favorite IPA Lagunitas beer), wines from the valleys and of course San Francisco Giants Champagne to toast the recent baseball victory.

We had a special late night visit from Pronto, the polo clubs amazing escape artist who just could not stay away.

Personally, I can wait till the next one.

Credits due to all involved.
Stick & Ball
Estancia Beef
Cooking for your life
Hawaii Polo Life

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