Enjoying the views

Visiting Northern California to shoot some photography, I took a road trip along the Pacific coast to Dillion’s Beach. A surf beach I have heard of many times about back in England and have longed to visit.

Yesterday, I had some spare time, jumped in the car and drove out towards Hog Island first of all – I’ll share the photos from this in an another post. I drove along roads and creeks with many Indian names and can only imagine what it was like back-in-the-day with no roads, the countryside out here is breathtaking.

I arrived about an hour before sunset, maybe two hours, but as it is the Pacific coast, and I know the sunsets go down before they reach the horizon.

I got my camera out, setup my tripod, changed lens and fitted a large polariser filter to help retain some clarity shooting into the sun. I turned my Canon EX580 II flash on, positioned it off camera and dialled in two extra stops of power to fill my subject with light while using TTL.

I think the subject looks great, taking in the view.

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