Sunrise over Cayetana

The last morning of my visit to California took me out onto the Cayetana Ranch before sunrise to help out with the ponies on the ranch.

Squirrels living in the American Oak tree’s often knaw through the water pipes to get at the water rather than having to go and find their own source of water. We needed to check they hadn’t done any damage.

By the time I’d walked all the way to the top of the hills, the sun had risen over the low lying mists formed around this area of Northern California. The light is breathtaking, the smell of fresh dew on the parched land and how it settles of the reeds and cobwebs just adds to the atmosphere.

I took these shots handheld, on my Canon 1D X with my favourite 50mm f/1.2 set around f/5 to give me a 125th of a second exposure. With just a slight hue shift in the shadows in Lightroom to enhance the atmosphere.

Love this location, truly magical. And to think this is where native American’s (Indian’s) once lived, and saw the same views as we do today.

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