Just back from a week shooting on the Isle of Skye

Wow, what a beautiful place to go and spend a week doing what you love! Namely, photographing what you see in the landscape. I am really pleased with what I captured so I’ve added a selection of images to my PROJECTS section. A few of my favourites moments are below.

The CleatThe Cleat and Loch Cleat, shot from on top of the Quiraing, Isle of Skye.

SunriseViews towards the East from the top of the Quiraing

Disused houseChocolate box house in the North of the Isle of Skye

For this shot, I had spotted a church near where we were staying, and just behind it, I found a way down to the edge of the loch, just as I finished setting up I saw this burst of light come through the clouds at sunrise. I shot this on a 2-second exposure to get a smooth chocolate like feel on the water surface. Hope you like it.

Fairy Pools, Isle of SkyeOn our last day, we ventured up to the Fairy Pools, a short walk away from the car park. There were lots of people so I was not expecting to get anything too nice or different especially as the sun was low and almost around the back of the mountain, but when I added a polarizer to my setup I was pleased to see the blue come through. Would be even nicer later in the year when the sun hits the water in the afternoon – note to self!

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